6 Reasons Winter is My Favourite Season

It’s funny, I never used to like winter. In fact, I hated winter so much when I first came to the UK. I had lived in Nigeria my whole life where it’s always hot, and moving to the UK where it’s NEVER hot (except for like one month in summer) was such a massive change for me. 

When I first moved here at 16, I was that JJC that despised winter. I never left the house unless I had to, and even then I would wear thermal wear and layers of clothes. I would drink tea like 10 times a day to keep warm and I would always wear thick woolly tights with my school uniform (go ahead laugh, I know you want to).

why I love winter

But over the last couple of years, I’ve grown to love winter so much. Even apart from Christmas season (which has come and gone, until December my love), winter is such a beautiful time of the year for so many reasons:

1. Warm clothes

All I wear during winter is sweaters and I love it. If I could wear sweaters every day for the rest of my life, I really would. I’d come through with the turtlenecks all day honey.

winter season

2. Eating more

Winter is the season where I always gain weight. Although that sucks cause I hate gaining weight, I love winter because it allows me to not be so conscious of my body like I am in the summertime, where I wear less. I know that all year round I should take care of my body, but during winter I can let go just a little bit more with pizzas and ice creams (my go-tos definitely have to be Dominos Meateor and Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough).

winter Christmas season

3. Warm drinks

I love my caramel lattes! I’m not really a hot chocolate person, but when it comes to a hot cup of coffee? Count me in! (As long as it’s sweet though, black coffee issa no from me.)

winter favourite season

4. My bed

I love my bed ten times more in the winter. Snuggling up in bed with my favourite snacks and my laptop watching TV shows on Netflix is my idea of the perfect night. Netflix and chill was made for the winter.

why winter is the best season.jpg

5. No sweating

I hate sweating, I think it’s gross. I should only be sweating at the gym, any other time is very unnecessary. When it’s hot, sweating is inevitable. But during winter I don’t sweat and it’s the best thing ever.


6. I have the perfect excuse to stay indoors and do nothing

Lol jk there’s work to be done. This was me pre-2019, but this year I’m more focused, I know what I want and I’m going after it (can I get an amen?).

What’s your favourite season of the year and why? (FYI, summer is the wrong answer).

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Peace, love and blessings,