Living My Best Life

So the phrase “living my best life” has become extremely popular. What does it really mean to live your best life? Like really and truly? Let’s analyse this phrase a bit:

Best: |bɛst| adj. 

  • of the most excellent or desirable type of quality.

  • most enjoyable.

  • most appropriate, advantageous, or well advised.

Life: |lʌɪf| noun.

  • The period between the birth and death of a living thing, especially a human being.

  • The existence of an individual human being or animal.

Using the definitions for these two individual words, I take it that living your “best life” means to be in existence that is the most advantageous, most enjoyable, and of the best quality. So how do you know if you’re living your best life or not? Although you may think you’re living your best life at the moment, how do you know that there isn’t a better life you could be living right at this moment? Who determines what is “best”?


Let me break it down for y’all. The only person who can know what is truly best, is the person who knows everything in this world (for in order to know what is best, you must know all the other possible routes and outcomes, no?). The only person who knows everything in this world is, you guessed it, God. Therefore, the only person who can truly know what’s best for you, and how you can live your best life, is who? God!

Think about it. God is your Creator. He created you, knowing your purpose on earth. So how could you ever live your best life if it’s not the life you were created to live? You’d be average at best. And even if you do perhaps love your life and believe you couldn’t possibly be living a better life than you’re living now, you’d be surprised. 

The man who created the eraser, created it to be used to wipe away pencil lead. Imagine if an eraser decided that it wanted to be a sharpener, so it would try to sharpen pencils instead. Is that eraser not mad? Trying to fulfil a purpose it wasn’t created to fulfil? This example may seem very extreme, but it’s honestly how it is with us and God. How can we be okay with living outside our God-given purpose, knowing fully well that God - who is all-knowing and knows us inside out - is the only one that can show us how to actually live our best lives? Living your best life = living in line with God’s will and purpose for you. 

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Peace, love and blessings,