Fears, Failures, Fruition (Part 2)

The new year is fast approaching - which means reflection for most of us. In the previous post I spoke about how easy it is for fear to creep in and make us feel like failures. Check it out here.

In this post, I’m going to be addressing potential reasons for our failures, because there’s nothing worse than making mistakes and not learning from them.

So why is it that you fail to achieve your goals? Let’s explore some of the possibilities:

  • Your goals are unrealistic. If you wrote down that you’re going to lose 10 kilos in two weeks, you might want to re-evaluate your judgement. 

  • Your goals are not specific enough. “I want to get a First Class.” Awesome. How do you plan on doing that? “Studying more”. You’re going to have to be more specific there, darling. Write down specifically how you plan on achieving each goal, otherwise they stay nothing but dreams.

  • You are concentrating on your long-term goals but not focusing on your short-term goals. You’re focusing too much on the end goal and ignoring the step-by-step process.

  • You get discouraged too easily. Success isn’t a straight path. You need to build resilience to failure, rejections and road blocks because they are inevitable.

  • You don’t really want to achieve your goal. You set your goals not for yourself but for other people; people you’re trying to impress. Your parents, your family, your friends; you want to achieve the goal because you want someone else’s approval. “If only I could get that job, my boyfriend would love me again. My dad would be so proud of me. I would finally be seen worthy amongst my friends.” If your goals are for other people and not yourself, it would be very easy to fail.

  • Lack of planning. You don’t plan for your goals. You don’t take time out to sit down and plan monthly, weekly, even daily goals. Different methods of planning work for different people and you need to find the way that works for you.

  • Bad habits. You’d rather spend two hours binge watching your favourite Netflix series than actually sitting down and brainstorming ideas on what your next blog post should be (you guessed it, I’m talking about myself).

  • You’re doing too much. You have too many commitments and you cannot realistically do them all. Not successfully, anyway.

  • You’re seeking your will and not God’s. When you’re on a path that isn’t God’s will for you, don’t be surprised if you don’t succeed. Especially as God’s child, you can’t go outside his will and expect to prosper. Submit everything to God and watch how he straightens your path out for you (Proverbs 3:5).

That’s all for today’s post, hope you liked it! In the next and final post of the series, I’ll be giving some simple yet vital tips to help you when setting your goals for the new year. Be sure to check out my previous post here and follow me on Instagram. Till next time!

Peace, love and blessings,