Fears, Failures, Fruition (Part 1)

The new year is fast approaching, which means reflection for most of us. Reflection of the past year, our goals and whether or not we achieved them. If you’re like me, this can be a very scary thing to do. Looking back at the goals you set in January and comparing them to your current situation, only to see you didn’t achieve half the things you wanted to, well that just sucks. It can truly be heartbreaking. Maybe you didn’t save as much as you would have liked to. Maybe you didn’t get the job you wanted. Perhaps your grades were nothing like what you expected, or your business didn’t pick up like you hoped. December can be a tough month for some; the moment of truth. When evaluating your goals, achievements, progress, and life in general at the end of the year, remember one thing: don’t be so hard on yourself. Write that and paste it on your bathroom door if you have to. Life’s too short to cry over what you can’t change. The most important part of your reflection is to learn from your mistakes.

And when you can’t help feeling disappointed in yourself, know that:

  • Failing doesn’t make you a failure. Just because you failed to achieve your goals doesn’t mean you’ve failed at life. It just means you need to change your strategy. Your approach. Your discipline. The time frame you set to reach your goals. Failure doesn’t define you, unless you allow it to.

  • Failure is only temporary. It doesn’t last forever. As much at it may seem like it at the moment, your life is not over. Things will turn around, but you have to make the decision to keep moving forward.

In the following blog posts, I will be addressing reasons you fail to achieve your goals, and what to take into consideration when setting your goals for the new year.

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Peace, love and blessings,