Father's Day

Dear God,

As today is Father's Day, I want to state 4 reasons I love you as my Father.

1. Your faithfulness. If I were to have favourites in any of your characteristics, it would be this one. There is no one more faithful than you. You called me before I even knew I was being called. I pushed you away so many times but you still tried to get my attention. You still protected me from so many things I didn't even (and still don't) know I was being protected from. You pursued me when I turned my back on you.

2. Your love. The only reason I love you is because you loved me first. Nothing can separate me from your love. I can never earn your love. You, who are so holy and perfect, love me, a sinner who continues to sin against you. Teach me to understand your love for me even more Father, because right now I'm a bit clueless. You love me much more than my parents love me, and I know they love me a LOT. I'm not worthy of your love, but you give it to me anyway.

3. Your grace, mercy, forgiveness. I'm not 100% sure of the difference between all of them so I'll just speak on them as one. God the amount of times I've said "this is the last time", or "I'm done". Each time you still know that I'm going to sin, but that doesn't stop you from using me and doing all the great things you do in my life. You deserve an award for being the best Dad in the world, and the reward I give to you is my life, my heart and my soul. When I say "reward" it doesn't mean you earned the praise, because you are already WORTHY of my praise. But that's my sacrifice to you.

4. Jehovah Jireh. My provider. My God who never lets me lack. My God who always comes through at the perfect time.

Those are 4 out of so many more reasons I love you, God. Thank you for being literally the best Father in the whole world. Who sent his son to die for me to be saved. Who changed my eternity in the space of a second. 

Thank you Jesus.